I.T Support Services

No time for slow computers, broken printers or software upgrades? Let us handle that for you, get in touch today to find out how we can manage your IT with a package tailored to suit your business needs.

Tech Support Services

Get tech support for any device in the connected home - PCs, Macs, smartphones, Smart TVs, wireless routers, home security, and more

Custom Software Development

It doesn't matter where you work or what you do, we can build you a software to suit all your business needs.

Remote CCTV & Access Control

Whether is CCTV, Eectro magnetic doors, Baffle Gates, Infrared Motion Alarms, Video Door bells, remote control gates etc. Your Security Needs and Access Control is our top priority.


Whether you need IT Support in Bogoso, Prestea, or Wassa Akropong, contact us to find your solution..

Founded in 2010, XTech is a Ghana-headquartered provider of IT Support services and custom software development. For over 10 years we’ve been bringing custom and professional I.T solutions to large and mid-sized businesses in Churches, Schools, Banking, Retail and other industries.

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Meet Our Technicians

Enoch Taylor

I.T Support Specialist

"I love helping people solve their tech problems as well as helping them understand the issue so it doesn't happen again!"

Ellan Buns

Smart Home Specialist

"I've always been interested in technology. It's great to be able to share what I love with people that need my help."

Stella Smith

Software Developer

"I have offered free Technical support to students, teachers and the general public all my tech life and I've loved every bit of it!"

Monshe Henderson

Mobile Specialist

"It really makes me happy to see customers so excited to learn a new trick on their mobile devices! Definately puts a smile on my face everytime."


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10 September 2020

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Data bundle expenses are becoming a pain in the rear end, or if you can afford them, you want to make sure they last for as long as they can. So here’s a few tricks to handle your data bundle more efficiently on your favourite social media and streaming sites.

25 August 2020

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DCIM is an abbreviation of Digital Camera IMages and is the name of a folder that is automatically created on the memory cards within most digital cameras as well as on most (if not all) mobile phones where the user is able to capture and store photographs.

24 August 2020

Google still has your search history

There is a central location in google where you can view your Google Activities including the searches you have done, the sites you have visited and the videos that you've have watched. You might have probably deleted your search history from your web browser but google still has this save under a dashboard called My Activity Page.

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