10 September 2020

How to limit Data Usage on facebook

Data bundle expenses are becoming a pain in the rear end, or if you can afford them, you want to make sure they last for as long as they can. So here’s a few tricks to handle your data bundle more efficiently on your favourite social media and streaming sites.

25 August 2020

.Thumbnails Android DCIM Folder

DCIM is an abbreviation of Digital Camera IMages and is the name of a folder that is automatically created on the memory cards within most digital cameras as well as on most (if not all) mobile phones where the user is able to capture and store photographs.

24 August 2020

Google still has your search history

There is a central location in google where you can view your Google Activities including the searches you have done, the sites you have visited and the videos that you've have watched. You might have probably deleted your search history from your web browser but google still has this save under a dashboard called My Activity Page.

22 June 2020

Creative ways to use a Smart Plug

There are plenty of exciting innovations in the world of home automation, between virtual assistants that can control your smart devices, connected appliances, or smart thermostats. You can also upgrade a regular appliance and add it to your smart home system by using a smart plug.

26 April 2020

How XTech Supports you Everywhere

The world in which we live today enables global commerce. Systems are connected worldwide, which allows you to use your laptop wherever you set foot in the world. The cloud has changed the business environment for the better, allowing greater workplace productivity. With the cloud, business employees are also allowed more freedom to work where

26 April 2020

Why every business should consider outsourcing their IT Help Desk

A lot of the companies we end up working with have a co-owner who is responsible for managing technology. This often works well in the beginning. When a business expands and adds new employees, this co-owner usually becomes bombarded with tech help requests instead of focusing on other aspects of the business. When this happens,

26 April 2020

SSD vs HDD Speed, Lifespan, and Reliability

With the exception of the last couple years, SSD’s have been out of the price range of most consumers and business owners. To obtain an SSD, the cost was astronomical. It is now possible to buy a 1TB SSD hard drive for around $150. This is a major difference that now makes SSD hard

26 April 2020

Google and Apple Develop Tracking App to Battle Covid19

By tracking your movement, and everyone you encounter, Google and Apple have developed an app that will notify everyone and public health authorities if you get sick. All you need to do is press a button that you are feeling sick, and the app does the rest. But your privacy is promised to be protected. The challenge, though, is to get everyone to opt-in and download it.

26 April 2020

The Internet Will Keep Us Connected During Social Distancing

With the Coronavirus outbreak prompting the government to encourage people to practice "social distancing," many companies are letting their employees work from home. We finally have the bandwidth speeds available to be able to do video conferencing and team applications that can work via telecommuting. Church's are encouraging parishioners to watch services online, and thanks to Google Hangouts, Apple's Facetime and other video chat apps, we can keep in touch with friends and family. So it couldn't be a better time to be facing this.

26 2020

Millions Use Borrowed Passwords to Stream

According to a recent report, 11 million streamers are mooching off of other streamers by using their passwords. One in three shares their login with someone else. The report also saw that Millenials are more likely to share, causing a billion in lost revenue.